November 19, 2008

Universal Health Care (Part Two)

(a continuation)

Everyone wants to improve health care in this country. And regardless of whether you think universal health care or a more privatized system is the answer, success with either plan depends on one thing: lowering the cost of care.

Because if you like universal health care, it's not going to to succeed politically unless we can do something about the costs. And what's the point of privatized health care if noone's able to afford it?

So, let's work toward price transparency and increasing patient choice. Both to increase competition among health care providers, which is historically, the easiest and quickest way to lower costs. And something that everyone can agree on?


Anonymous said...

Yes...if people knew the cost of the available physicians and cost of health care coverage it would reduce prices I am sure.

Jeff said...

I can get on board with everything in this post. Increased choice and more competition in the health insurance industry is most certainly the goal.

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