November 10, 2008

Why Wait 'Til Love To Have Sex?

That's the common TV show advice, right? The parent finds out the kid is thinking about having sex, and sits the kid down to tell them that "sex is something very special, that should only take place within a loving relationship, and you should wait until you're sure you're ready."


Is it because sex depends on a high level of trust?

Is it because if sex is dependent on love, a commitment to the other person is the greatest example of that love.

Is it because sex creates an emotional attachment with the other person that can only be healthy when there is already a commitment there?

Is it because taking the risk of having a child is a big leap if the other person hasn't promised to stick around?

For all these reasons that waiting 'til love before sex makes sense, doesn't waiting 'til marriage make even more?


Matt J said...

I don't know, but suddenly I feel I should buy an ipod.

Eric Olsen said...

silly, the silhouettes are just one panel from silhou-sex.

and they're listening to sade on their ipods.

TJarrett said...

Wait for marriage or don't wait at all. That's what I'm tellin' my youngin's.

Eric Olsen said...

well, that's mildly more appropriate than your "don't try drugs unless you try them all" pep-talk.

TJarrett said...

I like to send a consistent message.

Anonymous said...

Are you working for a gay marriage advocacy group? Couldn't have said it better myself!

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