December 11, 2008

Land of Lincoln

So, on TV today, an Illinois government official claimed shock and awe at the egregious acts of the governor, claiming they had no idea this kind of behavior was going on.

Here's my problem with this. If you read the transcripts that have been released, no one who the governor is having these meetings with is yelling out,
"Holy crap! You're a freakin' pyscho! Are you seriously trying to bribe me? Who do you think you are?!?!"

It makes me wonder if these acts are as rare in government as I'd like to believe.


Anonymous said...

This is the Chicago way...has been for quite some time.

Go Blago...hopefully he stays in office and then is re-elected.

Showing the true impotence of the state of IL

Steve said...

I've got a feeling it's not as rare as you'd like, but also usually not this brazen and crass.

At least I hope it's not usually this crass and brazen.

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