December 17, 2008

Let's Make Up a Word

I need a new word that fits the definition of "logic gap; unbeknownst hypocrisy."

Let's say someone says, "Torture is horrible! I think we should torture the guys who torture prisoners."

That statement would be a _____.

Seriously, this comes up a LOT, and I need a good word for it.


Cheesehead Runner said...

Although this doesn't fall into the definition you created - it does fit the sentence......That statement is skajanked!

Works almost every time!

Sabai said...

boy, i ask you guys for ONE least Heidi tried. Shame on all of you.

emily said...

Ok, and so everyone knows, I was KIDDING when I said that.

TJarrett said...

You two care to share with the rest of the class? As a wise woman once said, "secrets, secrets are no fun, secrets, secrets hurt someone."

Sabai said...

emily was implying that SHE made the torture comment i was referencing.

Sean said...