December 09, 2008

Money Better Spent

Let's say you see $5 sitting on your boss's desk, and you take that money and donate it to a local hospital who offers free health care to the uninsured.

Did you do the right thing?

And does your answer depend on whether or not your boss makes over $250,000 a year?


emily w said...

For this to work as an example, he would have to know that you're coming to take his five bucks, and resent it. And be unable to stop it.

Steve said...

That depends. Do you demand the hospital kick back money to you before handing the five dollars over.

Sorry for going off topic, but that was sitting up there too nicely.

Eric Olsen said...

and there's our blago joke for the anonmyous post from yesterday looking for one!

thanks, steve.

Marc said...

Eric, I completely love all of these (not so) subtle posts reminding us that wealth re-distribution is a macro-version of something unconscionable on a micro-level.

six points.

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