December 10, 2008

The Next Batman Villian

Let's say you have the sole power to appoint someone to one of the most highly sought after political positions in the nation.

Why wouldn't you weigh some offers, and give the appointment to the highest bidder?

See how it must have made sense to him?

Unfortunately, he is not the CEO of a private business. He is an elected official of the State of Illinois.

And he has just reached a new level of super-villain status. It's pretty impressive, to be honest.


Matt J said...

Scenes in Gotham City were filmed on the streets of Chicago. It works at so many levels.

emily w said...

I cannot bear to compare Blago to Heath Ledger.

Matt J said...

I think Blago plays Harvey Dent...young, pretty boy turned two-faced by politics and greed. He seemed pretty two-faced when he when he called our president-elect and mother-trucker.

emily w said...

Would bribe-seeking be appropriate as CEO of a private business, though?

I think there's something seriously wrong with the guy.

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