December 01, 2008

Plan for the Worst

If you live in Chicago, how many people at your work were late this morning due to the traffic?

That's because we tend to makes plans based on the best-case scenario. If I have a 9:00 appointment and I know that I can get there in 20 minutes, I'm not leaving until just before 8:40.

And that is why we often run late for things, because snow happens, among other things.

When our current administration was playing around with the idea of an Iraq War, the best-case scenario thrown around was probably something like this: 1) remove one of the most evil and savage dictators in the world 2) secure a near-eternal supply of oil at an amazing price that will allow the U.S. to indefinitely remain the global economic leader 3) catapult Iraq into a thriving democracy which domino effects to bring peace throughout the Middle East 4) which ends Islamo-facism and makes the world a much safer place for everyone.

Perhaps we need to start planning for the worst.


Unknown said...

I agree with some of your points except the one about us securing Oil at a fabulous price. We have been in Iraq for a while now and yet we still don't export a majority of our oil from them. We get a majority of our foreign oil from Canada and Saudi Arabia (Neither of which we have liberated from an oppressive murderous regime)

We have also seen recently that the cost of Oil can have a volatile price which is reflective of the market (Which the goverment does not control.... yet)

Eric Olsen said...

...have you seen 3 & 4 happen, and i've just missed them?

Unknown said...

ha... no i haven't... You got me there

Unknown said...

I just have to point out that we don't get all of our oil from Iraq anytime I see it implied that we do (not that you implied that, but it was an opportunity to strike)...

I figure if liberals can use any key word at all to divert a debate about something that they can't argue about to something else that they think they can, then I would do the same thing

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