December 29, 2008

Universal Sign for Choking

The idea of asking someone who's choking whether or not they're choking was always a comical idea to me when we learned that first step rule in school.

Until recently. When my wife, during dinner, began to choke.

I sympathetically responded with, "Ugh! What are you doing? Go over the sink!"

I had thought she was trying to spit something out she didn't want to eat. She was merely trying to breathe.

So friends, make the sign. And public education, I apologize.


Kathleen said...

just to be clear... i did make the sign:)

Sabai said...

ok, just to be really clear, i don't remember that at all.

so, i guess even the sign won't help.

i guess the real lesson is, don't choke.

TJarrett said...

What happened then? Did you heimlich her?

Sabai said...

what am i? a doctor?

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