December 30, 2008

Walk This Way

I recently realized that I have successfully developed a completely fictional walk.

In junior high, I remember seeing an older kid in the hallway, and noticing how cool he looked when he walked. And then, after watching myself walk by a mirror, I realized how dorky I looked using my natural gait.

The main difference was speed. His casual pace produced an aura of cool. I wanted it. And I consciously remember controlling my walk to match this person's.

I don't remember when I stopped having to think about it, and now it has become natural. But, it wasn't mine to begin with.

How much of my personality, demeanor and aesthetics have I stolen from others who I've admired?


Jason Jamnik said...

and then how many of my characteristics have been stolen from you which have been stolen from other people?

Eric Olsen said...

exactly. although, I guess both your dad and i could try taking credit for your interest in basketball and drumming.

and if humanity continues to emulate/steal these positive traits over time, we should have some pretty cool "us" impersonators walking around.

Eric Olsen said...

boy, i just realized you spreading "our" learned characteristics over in Tailand could make something explode. you better be careful.

Anonymous said...

Now I can't decide which Beatle I want to walk like.

Eric Olsen said...

also, I just remembered you're in Taiwan, NOT tHailand, and i can't believe i keep making that mistake.

Sorry, J.

Bradenex said...

Dude, I practiced too. If you think about it, though, there is very little of anything that is purely your creation.

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