December 23, 2008

Why Bottled Water?

Studies have shown that tap water is as, or even more pure, than most bottled water because of the stricter regulations that public water resides under.

The cost of a bottle of water is about 150 times what it costs to drink the same amount of tap water.

And in terms of environmental damage, those billions of plastic bottles a year have to go somewhere.

So, why on Earth would I buy bottled water?

TASTE! I actually like Lake Michigan tap water, but our home is just outside the zone to get it. So, the taste difference between my tap and a bottle is night and day.

What exactly is the taste that I prefer, you ask? The taste of nothing.


Cheesehead Runner said...

If you laid off the bottles...ahem ahem...and forced yourself to drink nothing but tap for a week of so you'd get used to it.

I've done this following several moves to different areas and every time I think I will never like the water but somehow I'm always wrong.

Anonymous said...

i don't if it's what your tasting, but it's public knowledge that the levels of radon in our water are seriously unhealthy.

Anonymous said...

Does a filter help?

What about a water cooler? I've never really known how expensive those are. (I used to buy jugs of water at an old residence because of how yucky the water was, so I hear you.)

To add to the fun: bottled water has a plastic-y taste to me.

Richard C. Lambert said...

The cost of a bottle of water is about 150 times what it costs to drink the same amount of tap water.

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