January 23, 2009

Bad News and Good News

I was recently laid off.

Marketing is not the safest job to have during these down economic times. And I paid the price for having it.

I was laid off during my two week study of "faith" on the blog. You can decide for yourself whether that was a sovereign act or simply sleigh track logic that makes me see it as more than mere coincidence.

A couple weeks later, after getting some perspective, I am excited about the future. Especially for news I just found out today!

My sister-in-law is finishing up her last semester of graphic design school and has decided, for her senior project, to create my book idea, "Why Every President Sucked: America's Endless Pursuit for a Divine Man."

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you are probably aware of this series in progress. So, thanks to her, this project will become a fully-designed coffee table book soon, and I am excited about what possibilities that might produce.

While it is often hard to see the light in the storm, I reach out anyway.


Anonymous said...

That is very exciting. Are you going to write it and she design?

Eric Olsen said...

right. her part's way harder. except, i'm only like #12 of #44 now, so i have to speed through the rest in the next couple of months. It's homework time!

But, I think going to a publisher with a layout is going to be WAY easier to get buy-in with than just the idea.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on how you'll be approaching #44? Is it fair to determine suckage before his time is up?

Eric Olsen said...

it is definitely not fair, simply because it would be presumptuous to assume that any of his failings over the next few months will remain in the same limelight at the end of his administration.

But, considering who the man is, and the way he was elected, it definitely begs some kind of profound treatment. he's actually the perfect president to end with.

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