January 28, 2009


Have you ever been in a stadium setting where you have thousands of people singing, and it sounds pretty good?

How is this possible?

Most of these people aren't good, and yet the whole is much greater than the average of all its parts.

There's something profound here. I just can't find it. Help.


emily said...

I think the reason I hate to hear myself singing alone is that my voice is so weak. And maybe even if the majority of the 1,000ish people singing together have weak voices, they're strengthening each other. Most people can sing closely enough to on-key, if not well or beautifully, so when you combine enough half-decent voices, it turns out well.
Another thing I just thought of is that maybe people sing less bashfully when their voice is drowned out by the crowd, so maybe we're all actually giving a better effort when singing as part of a crowd. Maybe without even realizing it.
I can also add that when you're in a stadium of a few thousand people and no one's making a sound, like if you're at an Eagles game that's not going well at all, the collective silence is equally startling and noteworthy.

Braden said...

The other obstacle that is somehow overcome is distance. In a large setting like a stadium it takes a little while for sound to travel from one side to another. But somehow people still sound together...

Maybe it's because you can't hear anybody outside of the five dozen loud people around you and so it doesn't matter.

Sabai said...

but the whole idea that a team is only as strong as its weakest link.

doesn't this event go completely against that?

Bobby Teenager said...

I have also noticed at chruch that I can hear the whole congregation singing, yet most of the time I can only hear 1 of the 3-4 people around me. That is unless they are good singers and not afraid to belt it out. Maybe because you have the people that can sing singing loudly and all the people who know they cant sing more or less lip synching, for the most part you only hear the people on key. Maybe your brain is also good at picking out the correct notes to songs you already know and making you focus on those.

Sabai said...

both those ideas make sense to me.