January 08, 2009

What Are We Doing Here? Part Four

Over these two weeks, our hope is to overcome Sleigh Track Logic, sorting through all of the things that make sense, and determine what makes the most sense.

There's a common argument that says that God has been created and designed by man to help us make sense of things like death and loneliness which are hard to understand. Now, I definitely think this occurs - people who like the idea of God, and pick and choose things they've heard about him that they like, and assign those attributes alone to him.

However, this can't explain every religion, can it? For instance, why would we create a religion like Christianity that teaches us that we are inherent wretches? Incapable of attaining salvation through our own merits? That we suck apart from him? Why would I create that club if I was doing it simply to reassure myself?

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