Concept Albums

My friend made fun of me when I said that every music album should be a concept album. But, why should music be the only art that doesn't have to be about something?

The only reason we don't care that most music is typically about stupid relationship-y things is that the music itself is so good.

But what if we combined them?
Shakespeare's words. Beethoven's songs.


Erik said…
Concept albums are usually boring. That's the problem. Its limits the artist too much. I applaud anyone who attempts it, but they usually aren't money makers.
Kaney West said…
808s & Heartbreak was both a concept album, and a commercial success.
David Bowie said…
Yeah so was David Bowie, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust.
Frank Zappa said…
And don't forget Freak Out!
Erik said…
Okay guys fine.
Sabai said…
that's what i'm saying. i would think that concept albums would do BETTER, because not only is it good music by a band you like, but there's depth.

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