February 12, 2009

Donut Eugenics

As a child, I was a pastry fan. You may remember those shops around town that offered fried dough in various shapes.

While I was, and remain a Dunkin Donuts fan to this day, I fondly remember when Krispy Kreme first came to town. The big open window that let you peep at the process. The yeast rising, the machinery flipping, the ocean of glaze double dipping. It was magical.

And yet, there was a female employee with a tonged rake. And if a donut had a bump on it, or was misshaped in anyway, she quickly grabbed it out from our sight, and quickly disposed of it.

Have these people seen Gattaca? That's where this starts. Perhaps they're the company that starts us on an slippery frosting-laden slope to pre-determination?

More on this tomorrow.


TJarrett said...

The good news is the free market is pretty much taking care of the Krispy Kreme threat right now.

Eric Olsen said...

have you SEEN the girth of some our congressman? you know that's going to be part of this "stimulus" bill.

Anonymous said...

Someone tell me what happens to the reject donuts???!!!!!

Eric Olsen said...

what happens to people with bad vision in gattaca?

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