Gattaca Will Happen

The science fiction movie Gattaca takes place in the future where, through much greater knowledge of the human genome, a husband and wife can now adjust and remove any bad genetic coding that could lead to inferiority of any kind before implantation of the fertilized egg into the womb. The results are humans with perfect vision, olympian-tuned bodies and immune systems insusceptible to common diseases.

I believe this world will come to pass.

And while many will want to have children the "natural" way, businesses, schools and more will desire the genetic elite ever the more until the majority are convinced to go along - for the sake of their children.

It started with donuts, and we will assuredly become Gattaca. How can this not happen?


emily said…
Before I think/discuss further, how does the movie end?
Sabai said…
SPOILER ALERT: for those who don't want to know.

A "natural" human, through sheer will, proves himself as stronger than his genetic code describes him as, but he still has to deceive his way to a job with NASA by posing as a man with great genes.

He is not caught, and gets to go into space.
Bobby Teenager said…
Holy ripped olympian babies Batman...but I think your donuts analogy has some holes in it. HI-OH!
emily said…
How could this not happen? Natural humans will prove themselves stronger than engineered ones.
Sabai said…
how would random chance prove more successful than creative engineering besides in a scant few cases?
Sabai said…

that's who bobby teenager is for those of you dying of curiosity.
emily said…
Man vs. Nature.

Who wins. Every time.
Sabai said…
i'm not suggesting that over the course of this experiment, man will not doom their chances of survival by ridding the species of genetic code they felt was crippling, not realizing it was their only chance of surviving an impending viral holocaust.

i am simply suggesting that gattaca will happen first.
Bobby Teenager said…
SPOILER ALERT: We'll probably all die of hunger or blow ourselves up before we reach the point of our society becoming so "civilized" that we must produce genetically superior humans and nothing else. I almost did both of those things in the first couple weeks of college. And this country is way too horny become that efficient. I'm more worried about the opposite end of the spectrum.. I refer you to the recent classic "Idiocracy" starring Dax Shepard. Well meaning, affluent, educated couples are more liekly to have one or no children whereas poor, lower socioeconomnic couiples are more likely to have 4 or 5 children who will be raised in that enviornoment. If the cycle continues, 4 educated people create 1 well to do grandchild, and 4 uneducated people to create 25 slobbering bumpkins who are probably not growing up to become genetic engineers. And thats just 2 generations, think where we'll be in 500 years. So while that means less competiton and more opportunity for the well to do, educated child,he/she will also be picking up the slack for his/her 25 counterparts. Remember that the rich get richer because the dumb get dumber.
Sabai said…
you need a radio show.

i don't buy into the "rich require the dumb" theory. that implies that there is a set amount of wealth in the world, and in order for one to gain access to it, he must take it away from someone else. This is not true.

When someone develops technology that gets a job done 100 times faster than before, the value created increased. We have more value created using the same number of resources. The amount of money in the earth just became worth more.
Bobby Teenager said…
I concur and must admit I was trying to end with something clever. This is the greatest country and I am proud of an ever expanding GDP. Unfortunatly, this country's biggest export right now is T-bills to China and the middle east. Pretty soon our entire tax sysytem is going to pay for nothing but interest. You are already seeing it at the state level in Californiaat the federal level too. Unfortunatly I don't have an answer or solution, but I think you just said soemthign about money in the earth? If thats the case I'm going to go get a shovel.

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