February 23, 2009

Jimmy Johns Knockoff Chips

Both in Peoria and up here in the Chicago suburbs, I have had multiple Jimmy Johns employees who have memorized my order and start preparing it when they see me coming in the door. I say that to prepare you for the serious nature of today's topic.

Chips. Jimmy Johns BBQ chips are the best potato chip I've ever had. For years, I have longed for them to sell them at the grocery store in bigger bags. But, the next best thing has happened.

Meijer has begun to sell kettle cooked BBQ chips that are nearly identical. I say nearly, because the Jimmy Johns ones are slightly more flavorful, with a huge peanut oil kick. But on the other side, you can get a giant bag of Meijer chips for only slightly more than a single serving bag of Jimmy Johns chips costs in store.

This is the only picture that I can find, so look for the red version of the bag (BBQ). And be prepared to thank me.


Cheesehead Runner said...

I have to disagree - their jalapeno and also their salt and vinegar are definitely the best.

Eric Olsen said...

you also think ice cream cake counts as cake.

that's why you should go find the meijer knock offs of those!

Anonymous said...

what about kitchen cooked chips? isnt that what meijer is copying

Eric Olsen said...

all kitchen-cooked (kettle cooked) chips are not created equal.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Salt a Vinegar chips are untouchable. BBQ anything other than meat is no good.

Eric Olsen said...

ok, if you didn't like the BBQ toothpaste I got you for your birthday, just SAY so!

The Great I'm Not said...

Oh, no I loved the toothpaste! BBQ on meat and toothpaste is what I meant...

Anonymous said...


Matty'sFood said...

I work for Jimmy Johns, AND Frito Lay. I'd lay wager that JJ buys their kettle-cooked chips private-labeled from Frito Lay, since similar to Lay's Kettle Cooked in every way. I'm still trying to research this, but our JJ order slips still show Baked Lays, from before JJ renamed them JJ Skinny Chips. Also, I'd bet the house on JJs pickles are Claussen refrigerated pickles you can buy in the grocery store. Identical in taste in every way. JJs guards their brand closely, as they should.

Eric Olsen said...

ooh, that's right. i forgot they used to sell Baked Lays. So, you think I should look for Lays Kettle Cooked BBQ, and that would be the closest (maybe identical) knockoff?

Anonymous said...

Ń—Puedo tomar Foto de su sitio


Anonymous said...

YES!!!! They are IDENTICAL to Lay's Kettle Cooked!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Not identical, the Jimmy Chips are still better. But it's the closest I've found so far.

Eric Olsen said...

i'm with you Chuck. not the same, but closest I've found.

Anonymous said...

Lays are cooked with sunflower oil and/or multiple oils but not peanut oil. Only other chips I've seen with 100% peanut oil are Mike-Sells.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I opened the package and ate the first chip, I looked at the back of the package to see who made them. They taste exactly like the Kruncher potato chips I used to buy but can no longer find. I think they are made by Wise but have not found them in years. Cape Cod chips are as close as I have found until now.

Anonymous said...

I scanned the barcode. this popped up. http://www.shearers.com/private-label-snack-manufacturing


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