February 03, 2009

Knowledge is Not Psychic Ability

If I can guess a number you're thinking of. If I know what girl is going to get kicked off the Bachelor next. If I know who's going to call me before my phone rings.

These are not psychic abilities. This is simply an awareness of something that someone else knows. That person has already thought of the number. The TV show has already been recorded. The person who is about to call me has already planned it.

I'm not saying this isn't impressive, but I think as we learn more about the human mind, we're going to become less impressed that it can do something that a standard remote control can do (wirelessly communicate with other powerful computers e.g. brains).

Now, if you predict something happening that NOONE else has planned out, then I'll start listening.


emily said...

I totally knew this was what you were going to post today.

Sabai said...

so, the question becomes, who knew first? you or me?

emily said...

Well I was kidding, but I think that if I had legitimately predicted it, I would've been picking up on your behavior, so in theory, the answer is you. This is a cool topic.

Sabai said...

To learn more, visit your local library...and rent "Waking Life".

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