February 11, 2009

Now or Never?

Do you believe now is the easiest time in American history to get universal health care passed, because of how many people are losing their benefits, or the hardest, because of how much else is being spent?

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Arcane Rest said...

possibly not the earliest, really health care during the depression was rather poor and that probably would have been the time universalizing it. the problem comes with the cost, who can shoulder the cost? no government has really been able to shoulder the cost of health care and make it available like it is for us (for those with health care).

also, the amount of spending today doesnt impact the approach to adding it to the next bill (it already started in this one, at least in the senate, i dont know what they compromised on) the hundreds of billions will just be seen as hundreds of billions of "stimulus", because it will bring jobs to the economy. what is a few hundread more billion to nearly 2 TRILLION?

so no and no

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