What Happens?

Why do I, for the most part, universally like children, and universally dislike the adults they turn into?


Hold on - you hate all adults?
Sabai said…
Of course not. That's why I specified only "for the most part."
Do you then hate some children but like the adults they become? Also, let's be honest...how many people have you known that you knew as children that are now adults?
Sabai said…
No, these are separate comments.

Children and cute and stupid, and it's cute that they're stupid.

Adults are ugly and I no longer forgive their stupidity.
emily said…
And somehow really dumb adults produce smart, adorable kids.

And then they serve as terrible influences on them.

That's my favorite part.
chris said…
does sabai have an instant messenger? that would aide in dialogue for those of us who don't like to dialogue in public :)
Sabai said…
You should just do what Emily and my wife do, and post as "Anonymous" when they're trying to be :)
tripj829 said…
Is this why you've never called me?
emily said…
I don't know why I bother. Remind me never to have any job that requires me to go undercover.

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