March 16, 2009

$20s Go on the Outside

Why do cashiers give me back my money like I'm blind?

Shouldn't bigger bills go on the outside, so that when folded over, the largest tender bill is seen? Why would the 1 go on the outside? To fool potential burglars? And why is it upside down?

I just don't understand the best practices that went into this determination of cashier etiquette.

I want a vote.


Anonymous said...

My favorite is the drive-thru-one-handed-pour-the-change-on-top-of-the-cash-so-that-it-falls-all-over-the-ground-while-they-also-pass-you-your-soda-at-the-same-time technique. Also, those of us in Chicago keep the one's on the outside so that if you feel like giving a homeless man a dollar, you don't look like a jag flipping through all of your twenties to find it. But realistically, who still uses cash? I recently bought a 79 cent donut with my mastercard. I like to be specifically reminded of just how disgusting my diet really is when I get my statement each month.

Eric Olsen said...

the "fool the thief/homeless" idea actually does make sense. but why do they give 1s back to you backwards?

Anonymous said...

Remembereing back to my cashier days at Eagle, if you pull some money out of a register with your left hand and then start counting it into your right hand it will be turned upside down. If you would like me to send you a step by step diagram, please send me a self addressed stamped envelope and $20. Thanks.

emily w said...

Is cash the smelly green stuff?

And you've had cashiers actually give this stuff to you?

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