March 26, 2009

Chicago Parking Meter Problem

Drivers in Chicago are being ticketed for parking in front of inoperable parking meters, and some of the ones that are working have quadrupled their rates since Chicago Parking Meters LLC took over.

The conclusion I hear? Privatization is bad.

I agree. IF privatization simply means blindly handing over any governmental job to a non-governmental entity. This alone ignores the major benefits of privatization, which are competition and incentive-driven accountability. Neither are happening in this case.

If Chicago Parking Meters LLC sucks, fire them and hire someone else. They obviously are either incompetent or have no incentive to do a good job. Unlike the privatization of highways, where the company tolls people for usage, and maintains the road to encourage use/tolls, this situation has no similar incentive. They're not in charge of the roadways. And honestly, I'm sure they weren't in charge of the rate hike either. They're simply in charge of meter maintenance. And if they suck, fire them.


Bobby Teenager said...

CPM should sell the meters to KFC and let the Colonel manage them along with the potholes. 28 quarters for 2 hours downtown...thats's $7 for those who grew up in Lisle. Who carries 28 quarters with them?

ufos aliens said...

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