March 03, 2009

Is Peanut Butter a Liquid?

My jar of JIF didn't make it through the security check on the way home from my travels this weekend. Supposedly, I could have "hid things in it." I understood and apologized before remembering that the same jar made it through airport security on the flight down.

The security officer said, "Well, were there more things in the bag on the flight down?" I became confused, wondering if wrapping an extra pair of jeans around the jar would have magically hidden it from the x-ray machine?

But then my wife said, "Oh, well there WERE apples and bagels too on the flight down."

Are the security officers really making judgment calls like that? "Hold on a second. There's a jar of peanut butter in that guy's bag....oh wait, never mind, there's apples too, it's probably just a snack."

Of course, this is now only my second best airport security story.


The Great I'm Not said...

Maybe he was afraid that you were a bio-terrorist trying to spread Salmonella.

Sabai said...

Our slogan: One Sandwich at a Time

Bobby Teenager said...

Great story, were you forced to eat the entire jar in front of the security guard?

Sabai said...

yup, and i'll never smoke again.

actually, she just threw the jar away without digging in. what if I HAD stuck a shiv in there? sure, i don't get to stab the pilot on THAT flight. but what if i bring apples next time?

Anonymous said...

maybe it is because of the way you were dressed and giving praise to allah

Meghan said...

Bob read this to me tonight and I was laughing so hard! Great post - it makes me miss hanging out with you! If you're bored, check out my new blog: You might appreciate how it got its name :)