March 19, 2009

It's a Sham!

So, my wife figured out how to make the most amazing Shamrock shakes I've ever had.

Low fat ice-cream, skim milk, creme du menthe. Blended.

As you can see, it really isn't that bad for you in terms of dessert. And that's the problem. It doesn't taste like it would be bad for you AT ALL. And I feel like having one every night!

Here's why I think shamrock shakes create a false appearance of health.

1. They're green. Green things tend to be good for you

2. They're minty. Mint reminds you of dental hygiene.

It's pure genius. You diabolical Irish.


emily w said...

There is also the scientifically proven fact that cold desserts are not fattening, as you shiver off any calories you take in. In fact, it can also freeze out what calories you consumed for dinner prior to your sham shake. So it's like getting yourself back to square one.

Eric Olsen said...

boy, i really like sciencey-sounding things WAY more than actual science.

we should develop a new field.


emily w said...

That's good. I've been calling it denialstry.

Bobaloo said...

MMM...good idea...I don't know how many people ever thought mcdonalds shakes were healthy though, regardless of color..but have her make one with the same ratio of full fat ice cream and whole milk. Then try them side by side and tell me which one you still like more.

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