Well, Don't Legislate Immorality

I have recently become aware that people who hate the idea of "legislating morality" often have no problem with the current progressive tax system in our country...

Please explain how our progressive tax system is not a conflict of this belief. Show your work.


You sound like a white male, living in an upper-middle class suburb.

As a white male, living in an upper-middle class suburb, I must agree.

It hardly motivates one to prosper.
Sabai said…
My point wasn't to argue for or against progressive taxation. But simply to point out the inconsistency of one holding both of these views.
Bobby Teenager said…
I'm going to need more examples of "legislating morality" (are you talking about abortion, legalizing marijuana, prostitution, etc?) Sorry, I grew up near Lisle. If that is what you are talking about then I see your point about those who would want less government intervention should also be against more taxation. I've wondered about this myself: how fiscal conservatism can sometimes seem at odds with social conservatism, and vice versa with the liberal side. For example, the majority of african americans and hispanics in this country voted for Barack obama and therefore you could argure that they are, on average, fiscally liberal. But, those same 2 demographics are a big part of the reason Prop 8 was voted for in california. Does this mean they are socially conservative? Some have argued that if Obama was not running, you would not have had such a huge turnout from these demographics, and therefore it would not have passed. How uch does religion play into it. Many religios poeple may be fiscally liberal but socially conservative due to their religios beleifs. And because they are socially conservative, they don;t mind if the gov imposes restrictions b/c they think everyone else should beleive the same things they do anyways. I would argue that the two sides (fiscal and social) are becoming more and more mutaully exclusive in most people's minds, especially with our generation.
Sabai said…
can you explain your last thought? what do you see as mutually exclusive?

a trend towards fiscal/social consistency or hypocrisy?
Bobby Teenager said…
social ideas and fiscal ideas, so I guess a trend towrd hypocrisy as you put it. But then again its not hypocrisy if they aren't related.
Sabai said…
right, it's not hypocrisy if both neither group believes strongly in the idea of a limited government.

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