March 18, 2009

When in North Korea...

How do Kim-Jong Il and Fidel Castro do what they do?

Most dictatorial rule is transferred every 10-20 years by guerilla groups who assassinate the head honcho and take over power, only to have their number two guy shoot them down the road.

How are these guys so amazingly powerful? Not just with showering their populace with propaganda that keeps them in bondage? But in keeping their closer circle happy being just under the throne?

It's incredibly impressive. And I have to admit that we could probably learn something from it, if we could figure it out.


Arcane Rest said...

the best thing you can do is to put family in the number 2, 3, and 4 spots of a dictatorship. this way they would have to come not only the conclusion of killing someone but their family. this is how it is there, i think. and family is very important in korea and cuba which i am sure helps.

not to say that family wont kill you...i am sure you can state the numerous cases this has occurred in history. but having family in the high posts will probably make it the best chance of surviving.

Eric Olsen said...

yeah, that makes sense. but didn't saddam even get nervous with that setup and try to kill all his kids?

why would he feel safer with people other than his children?

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