March 06, 2009

Who's Buying Medium Gas?

If you're like most people, you're buying the cheapest stuff they sell. If you can afford a REALLY nice car, you're probably not going to want to take any chances, and since you can afford it, you'll go with the premium gas.

Who does that leave using the middle pump? I wonder if it evens work, or if it's just an aesthetic thing - the power of 3's.


Anonymous said...

Well, actually people that use premium have to use it because of the firing rate of the engines, i.e. Cadillacs.

Also, the whole medium gas should go away. I dont think any cars actually use the dang stuff. This is one way to get the price of gas down. The supply of premium and regular should go up because of the thousands of gallons of medium gas that would be wasted could be made into premium or regular.

The Great I'm Not said...

i remember when i was dating my now wife she put regular gas in her lincoln and it ran like a chimp on xanax for about a week until she had to refill.

Marc said...

Fuel octane is chosen based on the compression ratio found in the particular motor. Granted, there's lots of 87-octane "low-compression" engines out there (usually high-displacement, low-revving) and lots of "high-compression" engines that will use 91 and up, but not very many built-for-89-octane engines.

Eric Olsen said...

right, that was the smart way of saying what i was trying to say.

so...who's buying middle?

rob said...

I buy the middle when I want to "treat my car" to something a bit more delicious than cheapy gas, but I am not about to shell out the cash for the high octane.

I wonder if cheap cadillac owners can get away with middle and its a way of them cheaping by

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