April 02, 2009

Economic Politics

If economics is a science, why do all of these "scientists" have such drastically different approaches for how to best climb out of our current financial situation?

It's not necessarily that any of their economic calculations are wrong. It's because they all have different beliefs in what a good financial situation looks like, and what the role of government should be within it.

So, next time you hear the president or anyone else say "economists agree with me", remember that it means nothing.


emily said...

I totally agree with this one. It's all theory. So, any economist could thoroughly back up his or her argument with research and examples. Still doesn't mean it's the iron-clad, only way to go.

The irony is that I majored in Philosophy and never even looked in the direction of economics because I am not good with math and money.

I guess the good thing is there are still a lot of brilliant economists out there, all disagreeing with each other. I suppose the smartest thing to do is to listen to as many of them as you can.

Meghan said...

I think it's funny when someone says "economists agree with me" - they don't even agree with each other! You can always find a group of people to agree with you on any topic if you look hard enough.

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