May 28, 2009

Are Chokers Born That Way?

You hear stories about Dominican ballplayers in Major League Baseball, where their mother finally flies up to the states to watch their son play for the very first time, and they hit two home runs in the game.

I would definitely strike out every time. When my wife and I are playing tennis recreationally at the high school down the street, I get nervous when people walking by glance over. When I ran cross country and played basketball in school, I preferred for my parents not to show up.

My question is, can I switch? Are there people born scared who learn to not only get over it, but thrive under the spotlight?


Meghan said...

I have no answer to this, but I love the picture you used. So funny but wrong at the same time! :)

Arcane Rest said...

I think it is the ability to focus on the task at hand and not the clutter of the moment. I think it is this ability of professional athletes that makes them become that much better than everyone else.

It is the nonexciteability factor inside the moment that makes some people clutch and the inabilty to rule out the clutter that makes the choke artist. Answering the question: clutch can absolutely to trained but only to some degree (refer to Blink).

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