May 04, 2009

Catatlytic Convethics

Let's say the U.S. starts to regulate carbon emissions on individual motor vehicles, and new catalytic converters are developed and mandated on new model cars in order to meet these regulations.

Now, let's say you could, with some technical know-how, manually remove this converter and save 10% on your fuel efficiency. However, your carbon emissions go up ten-fold. Would you do it?


Matt J said...

Is it illegal to remove it? If it's legal to remove it, then I'd say it's a pretty fair fight between the green part of my conscience and my wallet.

I'd probably leave it alone unless my wife and I both lost our jobs and wanted to save some money.

Matt J said...

BTW, a 10x change in a car's emissions is still nothing compared to the dirt coming out the tailpipe of one pre-'07 model year City-link buses.

Arcane Rest said...

Also, if it is illegal what is the fine? Is it more than 10% of the fuel cost or even 5%?

If the fine is only a negligible amount compared to the amount you could save and it wasn't obvious to the police, then yes I would rip it off.

Also could you remove it and then put it back on later? If so I would go as long as I could without until I was given a fine (if the above criteria are filled) then reattach it to the vehicle when the amount of fines is nearly equal to the amount of gas I would be saving.

Eric Olsen said...

a) probably illegal, yet rarely prosecuted.

b) the 10x was implying that the new convertor takes away 90% of carbon emissions. so taking it off would get your new car back to a normal old car.

c) sean, that reminds me of a previous discussion

Bobby Teenager said...

I renectly had the catalytic converter stolen off my truck and it sounded like a jet engine b/c if you remove it there is nothing connecting you to the muffler anymore. But, my insurance guy said the thieves probably got about $500 to $1000 bucks for it, so make sure to add that to your profit as well. ;-)

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