I Don't Believe in Democracy

...as a political end game. A democracy simply allows for the tyranny of the majority, rather than the whims of a single man. In the democracy of the United States, this leaves us with a fairly free nation. In the democracy of Palestine, this leaves us with Hamas.

Even our democracies must be checked by a limited-government constitution. One that does not allow for the many to vote themselves money from the few. One that does not allow for the many to strip the rights of the few. One that does not allow for the many to make decisions for the few.

It is up to us to not allow our constitution to "evolve" to meet the needs of the present. That's what love is for.


Eric Olsen said…
how come no one ever comments on what I consider to be my most profound thoughts?
LizM said…
By "the many" do you mean the middle/blue class? And by "the few" do you mean the rich? Because that seems to be what happens in this country. Those who work hard all their lives and consequently do well financially are considered almost "evil" in that they are unfairly taxed compared to their middle or blue class neighbor.
Eric Olsen said…
in this rhetorical case, "the many" just means the "majority". In most economic examples we see, "the few" are definitely the rich, though.
Marc said…
Ayn Rand would like that.

Although I'm not sure I tracked with your last sentence.
Bobby Teenager said…
I agree with LizM except for the notion that hard work and financial gain are always correlated. Two people can work equal hours at a hedge fund and at a construction site, but who is going to bring home more money? Same amount of work, different skills sets. I am not saying they should each make the same amount of money, but shouldn't the construction worker have the same access to quality health care and public services as the banker? That would not be possible if we taxed everytone the same.
Eric Olsen said…
the idea of the last sentence is to debate the exact idea that bob has, that since we deem health care as so important, we decide it to be a federal responsibility, and not a charitable one.

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