Marriage is Fragile

I'm a Jon & Kate Plus 8 fan. This reality show chronicles the life of a family with twin girls, and sextuplets. It's good television A) because the kids are ridiculously adorable B) because the mother is entertainingly neurotic C) because the family is amazing.

The kids are so polite and personable, and the parents are so good with them. I feel like I'm getting free future parenting lessons, and would quickly give gold medals to each parent for their abilities.

Just last year, Jon & Kate traveled to Hawaii to renew their vows. Today, they admit to heading for a possible divorce.

After watching these people for so long, you do feel like you know them. And I was quite angry/sad/hurt when I found out about it. A couple of days separated from that, and now I'm just left with the understanding that marriage is fragile.

Our emotions are powerful. Our memories can be selective. And just like, something so beautiful can be lost. Keep your guard up.


Ryan said…
We are definitely disappointed too. They seriously just need to turn off the cameras and work on their marriage.
Eric Olsen said…
as matt reminded me, and as your pastor so eloquently pointed out in the wonderful "Sex God."

Too many people under the chuppah.
Bobby Teenager said…
I agree with Ryan. Turn off the cameras..are they really going to try and deal with this on national tv? I think they bit off more than they could chew with the house, personal chefs, nannies, etc. and now they need the checks to keep coming in. The have to realize people won't be as interested in 3-4 years when the kids are older so if they "take a break" they may not be able to ever come back.
Becky Johnson said…
It was depressing watching the premiere. You do feel like you have gotten to know them and you are sad for them. Matt & I have decided that if anyone ever asked us to do a reality show for some reason, no way! Not worth it.
Meghan said…
I am still very upset about this. I used to love this show and even defend Kate's behavior, but I feel like she is choosing fame over family. It seems as if Jon wants to be done with the show, but she is too enamored with the book tours and the huge house. I feel awful for those children. If Kate is smart, she will realize that all this fame and fortune is not worth losing her husband and family. She plays it off as needing to do this to support her family. I'm sorry, but no family requires a $1.4 million home - even if they have 12 kids. I'm not saying that it's all Kate's fault by any means, but I get the impression that Jon has not been happy for a while but goes along with what she wants. Plus, I feel she had been changed much more by the 'celebrity' aspect than Jon has. I'm with Matt & Becky - if anyone ever approached me about a reality show, I would say NOOOOOOO!
LizM said…
I think it's child abuse.

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