May 11, 2009

Party Definitions

"The Republican Party has had its success over the years, because it's supposed to stand for something, whether or not it ever does. The reason the Democratic Party never stays in power is because it stands for everything."

If I asked you what the idealized Republican Party stands for, you'd probably say something to the effect of small government, low taxes, strong defense, right?

If I asked you what the idealized Democratic Party stands for, I'd get a thousand different answers. That's a huge marketing problem.

If you don't believe me, let's try it.


The Great I'm Not said...

Social Justice?

Eric Olsen said...

that's a pretty good broad one. Nearly every Democrat would probably agree that the government should be an impetus for social justice.

but, in order to achieve this broadly, eighteen-zillion laws would need to be enacted. it's not as simple as the opposition platform.

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