May 13, 2009

Prostitution (Continued)

So, why are strip clubs legal, but prostitution isn't?


the doctor is in said...

I've always wondered why porn is legal but prostitution isn't. If I have sex for money with a stranger in my house, it's illegal. If I film it and sell it to thousands of people, it's legal.

Eric Olsen said...

the gray line is weird at best.

and a note to readers: you have just been graced with the presence of THE funniest man i have ever met in my life. Dan, we would cherish your input in the future as an issue speaks to you.

Marc said...

I think it's that society hasn't caught up with the idea that indirect sex (porn, strip clubs, etc.) still involve a transference of value and self. It has been long understood that both parties (and society) are damaged in the long run in a prostitution-type relationship, but porn is still considered "victimless." What a crock.