May 12, 2009


If I go downtown, and give a "lady of the night" $250 to go home and NOT sleep with anyone for money that night, is that prostitution, too?


Meghan said...

I think it's being a good samaritan.

Anonymous said...

No, that is bribery.

Hiring someone to not kill your husband is not also murder.

Marc said...

An interesting approach.

I'll start here:
Why do people pay for sex, anyway? The fundamental understanding is that somebody's sexuality has _value_; when a person gives themselves, it can never be a valueless exchange. Despite some modern mindsets, something is transferred (and not just fluids). At least prostitutes understand that.

So then if you are paying someone to _not_ depart with something of value that they possess, it's a different situation (unless you subscribe to an objectivist philosophical bent), and is assuredly not prostitution.

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