May 01, 2009

The Swine Who Cried Wolf

Here's the problem. I don't believe anything my politicians or media personalities tell me anymore unless I want to hear it.

If they tell me a politician I dislike has been caught in corruption, I am quick to accept it because it fits the mold I have in my head.

If they tell me there's a dangerous pandemic on the loose, I don't take it seriously beacuse a) they usually grossly exaggerate these things, and have a good incentive to do so in the case of media (ratings), and b) i don't want there to be a dangerous pandemic on the loose.

So, if one actually comes, will we even believe it?

1 comment:

The Great I'm Not said...

Man this is weird, my wife just told me her school district has been exposed to swine flu VIA a janitor who just got back from Mexico.

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