June 16, 2009

Baby-Free Planes

Every Flight. Baby Free.

I'm sort of surprised an airline hasn't tried this yet. Being stuck within 15 rows of a screaming infant on a flight is just about the most torturous experience we face in our lives. And when it's the preamble or the conclusion of a vacation, it's unbelievably annoying.

I'm sure an airline would be scared of alienating new families, who then could become used to using another carrier, once past the infant stage. But, if I could know that there would be 0% chance of me hitting the baby lottery on my next flight...I feel like an airline could gain a lot more than they'd be losing. And I think those very families who would have to fly Southwest for a couple years would come back, too.


The Great I'm Not said...

what about baby only flights

Eric Olsen said...

i can't imagine there'd be enough market for that?

maybe the airline that jumps on this could make an exception to flights to Disney World or something?

LizM said...

I think it's a brilliant idea. An "adults only" flight. No one under 16. There are "adult only" pools and cruises and other venues, why couldn't there be flights? I think businessmen would jump on it. I know I'd prefer a childless flight. Don't get me wrong. I love the little buggers. But not on my flight, and not in my restaurant!

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