June 12, 2009

I Want My Favorite Bands to Be Miserable

I have noticed a direct inverse correlation between the happiness of musicians and the greatness of their music.

As my rock idols enter out of dangerous relationships and into successful marriages (Ben Harper) and out of drug-induced bondage into clean and sober living (Jeff Tweedy of Wilco), their music suffers.

The angst is gone. Where music used to serve as an outlet, a necessity to work out inner-turmoil, instead, they are just out enjoying life.

And we all have to suffer because of it.


LizM said...

I agree. Billy Joel was at his best just after his manager stole all his money and skipped town. That's when he produced such brilliant albums as "The Stranger" and "Glass Houses". Then he started dating super-models and wrote drivel for the next decade ("Uptown Girl" phew). Songwriters are poets, and poets write best when miserable.

sean said...

So being a musician yourself, are your fans awaiting your best work when you will be creating music with a drug induced and depressed mind?

I hope you and others can be at their creative best without the drugs.

Eric Olsen said...

honestly, i think my best stuff has been written from a depressed state. kind of the whole concept of the latest album, you know?

but, i am looking forward to breaking this trend in the future.

LizM said...

Just don't sing "Uptown Girl".

The Great I'm Not said...

If wilco had kept Jay Bennett they would have some of that. RIP Jay.

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