June 25, 2009

Miss Diagnosis

A few years ago, my 6'7" tall friend Matt was visiting and got a headache. He asked for some Tylenol. I gave him two. He looked at me and said, "Dude, I'm 250 pounds. Give me four."

I had never thought about that before. I just had "Take 2 Tylenol" ingrained in my head ever since I was a kid.

My wife and I are currently on the same antihistamine for our allergies, and I remembered that story this morning. So, I ran to check the bottles, and sure enough, each of us are getting 180 mg each.

So, the question remains: Is she getting twice the proper dosage, or am I getting half?


Bobby Teenager said...

You ran? J/k. That's a good point. Do they work equally well for you guys? Does she get more drowsy than you taking them?

Eric Olsen said...

they work for both of us, but it's hard to compare when we only get to experience the results of our own body...hmmm, maybe if I could "Freaky Friday" to happen to us.

Arcane Rest said...

If they seem to relieve symptoms then the dose/wt ratio should not matter, if there were side effects or little effect with the usage then I would be concerned. Since the body will respond differently between two people to chemicals ingested, if it works the dose is fine if not then a change may be necessary.

Eric Olsen said...

i understand that, but why don't physicians automatically adjust their dose recommendations based on our height/weight?

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