June 04, 2009


I bought these sunglasses online, and received the package in the mail yesterday. When I opened it, and saw the black carrying purse that came with them, I knew something was wrong.

As always, I fought the fact that I might be in error, and tried to force these sunglasses to be uni-sex. Unable to convince myself, I went to the store to exchange them. As I was trying on new frames, the teenage girl sales clerk said, "Wait, did you buy these for yourself!!??" Then, when her manager came to help her put the return in the computer, she felt the need to explain the entire situation to him.

My question is, what in that picture would tip you off to the fact that they're lady-frames?


Jason Jamnik said...

Although hard to notice, it's the tortoise frame.

A quick Google images search of "tortoise sunglasses" results in 4-5 women sporting them, as well as one Dennis Rodman.

I also was laughed at by my gf when she told me only women wear those. That's all I know.

The Great I'm Not said...


LizM said...

Oh Eric. How about the tortoise frames and the sexaaay logo on them? The world is going to pot. We're counting on YOU to remain manly!

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