July 20, 2009

Bone Diggers

Recently, a graveyard was discovered to have been exhumed near Chicago, and the corpses discarded in order to sell more burial plots.

I didn't have a huge reaction to it when I heard the news. But, some people seemed traumatized by it. The thought of their relative's bodies being unearthed seemed to really shake them.

As a Christian, I believe in a future resurrection of the body. So, burial makes more sense than cremation, simply because of the belief that the body and the soul are connected, not because God could not resurrect a cremated person.

But, as far as visiting cemeteries and stuff...it's just a body. The spirit is temporarily gone. And this incident made me curious if more Christians or non-Christians visit dead relatives in cemeteries?

Poll time. Let's hear your results.


Matt J said...

I'm a Christian, and no I do not visit the cemetery. As far as I know, our grandparents are the only ones in the family that do visit the cemetery. I would expect your results to show a closer tie to generation than Christian vs. Non-Christian.

Anonymous said...

IAre Christians okay with theft?

LizM said...

All my relatives were cremated, so we're banking on that "God doesn't care if there's a body or not" theory. When I read the story, I was shocked at how low someone would go to make a buck. I guess I'm also banking on that "There's a special place in Hell" theory.

Eric Olsen said...

lol to anon! my point was that i wasn't as mortified as some people. this was more than theft to some people. this was somehow tampering with the spiritual world.

matt, maybe you're right. but why?

Anonymous said...

It is tampering on the spiritual world. A lot of people--Christians and not--believe a lot of things about what happens after death. A lot of people believe the soul does not rest if the body does not rest.

And whoever tampered with that showed utter disregard for the spiritual beliefs of others--not to mention the law, obviously.

Mandy K said...

I don't go to gravesites. And I will be cremated. I figure I will be in the same shape as Luther by the time the resurrection happens. I am pretty sure he's getting in, so I am good :)

Eric Olsen said...

lol. i love how Luther is your standard-bearer for heaven-entrance. have you ever seen the movie, "Luther"? The dude was nuts.