July 08, 2009

Congratulations on the Accident

At what age do you start congratulating people on unexpected pregnancies?

We're so used to congratulating people when we hear the news that they're pregnant. But, more often that not, the person was married and trying to conceive.

If you're in high school and your best friend gets knocked up, you don't offer your congratulations do you? And yet, saying "sorry" sounds weird, too.

But, if an older friend is dating someone and gets pregnant, what should the response be?


LizM said...

Good question. I'd just go with the "How are you feeling?" response and see if her response contains more information. For example, does she answer "I'm feeling great! Couldn't be happier!"? Or does she say "I'm taking one day at a time/hanging in there"?

Matt J said...

how old are we talking? Would you congratulate your parents if they were to tell you they were preggers?

Eric Olsen said...

right, even though my parents would fall into the marriage category, there probably is an age bell curve to apply these rules of etiquette.

i like your idea, Liz.

TJarrett said...

I actually have a hard time congratulating anyone on pregnancy - planned or not - only because it is something that I personally wouldn't be thrilled about. That's weird, I know, as plenty of people are trying to conceive and thus "success" is something worthy of excitement. But for whatever reason, when a friend announces a pregnancy, I think about how I assume I would feel (bummed) and project that feeling onto them.

So then I just smile awkwardly, obviously not knowing what to say. Someday I'll learn.

Eric Olsen said...

that's actually surprising to hear sunshine, your wife on the same page with that? and do you think you'll have a different perspective 5 years from now?

TJarrett said...

I thought five years ago that I'd feel different in five years, so it's tough to say.