July 07, 2009

Daniel Faraday and Young-Earth Creationism

You ever catch yourself wondering how seemingly intelligent people can believe the world is only 6,000 years old?

It's the same reason Daniel Faraday's explanations of time travel and spontaneous island movement on LOST kind of make sense when he tries to explain it.

He's always wearing a tie.

This postures him as an authority figure. And he's a scientist, which means he knows more than you do. That's all it takes. There are in fact "scientists" who believe in a young-earth, and that either our current dating systems are flawed or that the earth has "appeared" age.

If you hear one of them talk, and they're wearing a tie, you're going to believe them, as long as you've never been presented with a more compelling argument from another tie-wearing scientist. And for those who believe the Bible to be true and hold to an ultra-literal linguistic view of the Creation story in Genesis, it's easier to reconcile this belief with a 6,000 year old scientific earth. And so, they're ok with it. After all, a "scientist" believes it.


Unknown said...

Oh, those cute young-earth creationists. They make me smile at their cuteness...then frown 'cause they are so dumb.

Eric Olsen said...

i'm not sure whether to take your word on that or not...what are you wearing?

Bobby Teenager said...

I think the heirarchy of trust goes:

monacle > pipe > bow tie > tie > blazer with jeans > sandwich board with bullhorn

Unknown said...

actually i think you left out top hat... it's:

monacle with TOP HAT > pipe > bow tie > tie > blazer with jeans > sandwich board with bullhorn

Eric Olsen said...

exactly! that's why we all think peanuts are good for you when they're really not!

emily said...

Do we need to know what's in the pipe? I mean, it's second on the list, so I'm just wondering.

abo-bder said...

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