July 22, 2009

Death of the Opera

I had a boss who used to rail against my generation for letting fine arts die. She used to try and pawn us off tickets for the local opera and ballet performances. I had less than no interest.

Today, I have become mesmorized by "So, You Think You Can Dance", the television show. Modern dance is amazing to me. And my generation will keep it around. We're simply going to let the un-fine arts die.


LizM said...

I feel the same way about so-called "classic" books that (in my opinion) were crap when they were written, were still crap when we were forced to read them, and will always be crap. These books are forced into curriculums to the exclusion of amazing, albeit more modern fictional materpieces.

The Great I'm Not said...

My god, you're saying SYTYCD is fine art?

Eric Olsen said...