Don't Respect Your Elders

Respect Everyone.

I know the common maxim is based on the fact that elders are often not respected, especially by the young. Those who see them as merely passive members of the ex-world community.

But, the maxim implies that the elderly are somehow more deserving of respect simply because of their age. This is untrue.

They are worthy of our respect because they are humans. Start giving the two-year old next door the same respect you do the elderly lady down the street. It's hard. We have some relearning to do.


emily said…
Good theory, and also, amazing picture!
This is what old people say to justify belittled their kids. Hopefully starting with our generation we are starting to turn the page on this thought. Imagine if everyone had equal respect for each other? What a world that would be.
"Listen Johnny, I may be totally wrong here, but you have to respect your elders, even when we are undeserving."
"I may be an abusive drunk Jane, but you have to respect your elders"
I could go on.

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