July 01, 2009

Future Careers

While golfing the other day, I met a college student who told me he recently decided to major in journalism. He had just finished a couple of years of general education classes at a local Junior College and was heading up to a major Illinois school to continue his studies.

I didn't know what to say.

If there were any major I would try to veer my children away from right now, it would be journalism, simply for marketability sake. I'm not exactly sure what the future holds for journalism, but I just don't think there's going to be much money in it.

I remember when I started college in 2000, my friends went into a wide field of studies, from psychology and medicine to business, communications and journalism. All of them seemed like decent decisions.

What fields today do you think would be smart for newly entered collegiates to enter? And which would you plead them to stay away from?


Bobby Teenager said...

I disagree that there is anything inherently wrong with going into the field of journalism itself. But we'd probably agree that the traditional model of radio/tv/newspaper/magazine is changing very rapidly, and I'm not sure schools are keeping up. I read recently that while newspaper and magazine subscriptions are down, actual news consumption is up over the last some odd number of years b/c of online news sites. (although I dont know what counts as "news" aka jon and kate plus 8 gossip) You can debate all the day the quality of stories in the NY times vs yahoo news, but I think there will be lot of places to write in the future. It will just be much more fragmented and specifically tailored to the audience that wants to read it. And of course filled with a healthy dose of liberal agenda ;)

LizM said...

I'd steer them towards anything in the health services field. We old folks aren't going anywhere, and the need for medical professionals is only going to increase.

GQ said...

physical therapy...i know some one in the field and the economy doesn't seem to bother it

TJarrett said...

I heard a good quote about journalism recently, but forgot to write it down. I think it was following the death of Tim Russert, and basically the speaker asserted the fact that though journalism is going through some major transitions, good journalists will always be in demand, and will always be compensated for being the best at what they do. Same as every other industry.

It is interesting to live in NYC as a journalism graduate from a small Midwestern school and work in the finance industry alongside Ivy League MBA's who paid top dollar for very specialized educations. The difference in salary/position is negligible if existent at all.

It's really cliche to say, but I believe the efforts and talents of the employee/student easily make the educational background irrelevant.

mmp, llc said...

since we had classes together & lived on the same floor, im sure you recall i went the comm route. i got my degree in what Bradley would consider is the equivalent of photojournalism.

i work at foxsports.com as a photo editor. you'd think it was all a success. especially cause im working in online journalism.

such is not the case. were having many of the same problems in the traditional forms of journalism.

im actually get out of it & getting into health care for job stability.

how awesome!

mmp, llc said...

specifically going for a doctorate of physical therapy, 1.1% unemployment rate

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