July 28, 2009

The Whorette

The Bachelor/ette is the most unromantic show of all time. You can never watch the show back with your kids, or even the guy you picked!

"Wait, you were making out with these dozen other guys the whole time we were dating? Wait, you had sex with another guy the night before I proposed to you - even after you had your mind made up about me just because you couldn't give anything away on TV?"

Most unromantic show of all time.


chris said...

And yet we (not Sabai per se) don't consider the star of The Bachelor to be "the whore". Double standard: men can be promiscuous but women who date multiple men get called names?

Eric Olsen said...

i do consider both creepy, but I do confess that the Bachelorette bothers me more.

The Great I'm Not said...

News Flash: Its fake.

Can we talk again about healthcare reform?

Arcane Rest said...

who needs healthcare reform when you got the bachelorette to talk about

Anika said...

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