August 21, 2009

Aurelios Pizza Marketing Blowup

Yesterday, Aurelios Pizza, my favorite thin-crust pizza place in Chicago celebrated their 50th anniversary by offering their pizzas at their 1959 prices. $1.75 for a small, etc. An amazing deal.

Now, marketing gurus will tell you this is typically a bad marketing practice. Aurelios is a premium pizza company. For one day, they are attracting cheapskates who would never pay $11 for a small pizza, and are simply upgrading their Little Caesars for the night.

This is the same reason most marketing experts believe you should never give a product away for free. It diminishes the value of it. A buy one, get one free tactic is more widely approved.

Regardless, I was excited to take advantage of their marketing mistake. I called to place my order, and was quickly informed that they had run out of cheese.

You're infuriating your loyal customers, while not truly winning over any newbies. What a horrible, horrible marketing idea.


Matt J said...

I just bought an album on iTunes because a single from the album was the free single of the week. I'm sure many other people did the same thing. I know it is a much different situation, but there have to be plenty of situations where giving products away for free is a really good marketing move.

Eric Olsen said...

that's a great point. the one obvious difference there is that the band is not giving away anything physical. This pizza company must have lost 10s of thousands of dollars last night. Digital .mp3s are free.

but, that is an interesting point.

The Great I'm Not said...

the worst pizza

Eric Olsen said...

augh!!!! what?!?!?!?

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