August 03, 2009

It's My Body

How can someone be pro-choice AND think prostitution should be against the law?

I obviously see how someone could have a moral problem with one and not the other. But in terms of a consistent legislative outlook? How can you argue that a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body...except that?


Arcane Rest said...

The same reason why we cannot lawfully inject herion into our own body.

Eric Olsen said...

but, that would force a creation of a bigger argument than "my body. my choice." for the other, right?

marissa said...

If we limit the "my body. my choice" argument to refer only to the adult woman, you must take into account that pro-choice is about the choice that free individual takes. Many prostitutes are not free agents, and freedom of choice is the complete antithesis of the "business" of human trafficking.

So, again, if we are talking only about the concerns of that already-born person, being pro-choice and anti-prostitution are certainly in line with each other.

Eric Olsen said...

you're right. i should have made that clear. my argument refers only to "willing" women.

and i understand the argument that no one would willingly do that to themselves unless they were compelled to, by financial means or other addictions. so, therefore, there are no such things as "willing" prostitutes.

while that may be, that's extraordinarily difficult to legislate.

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