September 29, 2009

Prozac Children

As I was waiting in Villa Park for 6 hours yesterday to get my MAC repaired, I visited the local Dollar Tree retail store, where everything is $1. Everything includes sunglasses (which I bought), an 8-pack variety pack of Now and Later's (which I bought) and a hardcover children's book about the story of Adam and Eve.

Now, to make this a profitable venture for the book distributor, the picture book is only about 8 pages long, and they had to wrap the story up a little too quickly.

In fact, the last page of the book simply said, "Adam and Eve were ashamed because they disobeyed God. They would never be allowed to return to the garden." with frowney-faced Adam and Eve walking away from paradise.

What a horrible and incomplete message of the character of God from a company you can only assume is trying to present a positive message of faith.


LizM said...

How would you have handled it?

Eric Olsen said...

that's a good question. perhaps a hint toward the hope of the future redeemer that will "crush the head" of the serpent that deceived them?

this made it seem like eden was a flop idea, and not an eventual end-game.

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